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A brief summary of what I've been up to lately....

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On the last day of camping we got up early and headed over to Fern Canyon. I wanted to get some pics of Touchdown Buddha in the morning light because otherwise his light is too powerful to behold (translation = photographer doesn't know how to eliminate annoying glare from Buddha's body).

When we got to the trailhead there was an elk munching down on some grass about 30 yards from us. We broke out the cameras and starting shooting away. I figured he would bolt any minute, but he didn't. After ohing and ahing for a good 20 minutes and taking a zillion photos, I took off down the trail with Touchdown Buddha, tripod and camera in tow. Spent maybe an hour or so propping Buddha up all over the canyon and capturing his giddy glory. Still too damn shiny even in low light, and yes I manually bracketed the exposures. He's just kind-of like Jesus on Mount Tabor that way, his light will knock you on your ass.

When I got back to the trailhead, that elk was still there, munching away and trashing a tree with his antlers. I took some more pics, this time with the tri-pod and we hit the road.

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I'm going to devote my summer to reading short stories exclusively. This urge came on when I stumbled upon a short story called "The Bee's" written by Dan Chaon found in the innocuous-looking book at the bottom of this pile, The Better of McSweeney's Volume One - Issues 1-10. The bony fingers of this story have crept into my flesh and stirred my creative juices, I hunger and long, now more than ever, for the art of the short story. So come on Nabokov, Salinger, Munro, Carver, Lahiri, Moore, McSweeny's and the Pushcart Prize people, show me whatcha got!


I received an urgent e-mail from my Dad this morning telling me I absolutely must read Sherman Alexie's new novel, Flight. "An exceptional example of American Indian Magical Realism, if there is such a thing," is how my Dad described it.


I must drop everything and devour this book before I embark upon my thorough study of the short story. The day is coming, dear readers, when I will unleash upon the literary world my own collection of short stories. This is the destiny I am creating.

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Best Things That Happened in My Life in 2006

-Landed a new job that doesn't suck
-Experienced an amazing trip to the coast with my parents
-Writing poetry again after a ten year hiatus
-Exploring the Feather River
-Seeing Little Miss Sunshine (Hell yes! This is a freaking high point!)


-First Camping Experience with Boyfriend and his dog at Naked Lake
-First Christmas in Yreka with Boyfriend and his family
-Hiked to Bumpass Hell on Mt. Lassen with BF and friends
-Walked through one of the world's largest lava tubes
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Assignment: Imagine a room in your family of origin's home. Choose one or two fixtures in that room that metaphorically speak to the energy or the feelings you had as a child or adult in that home. Pay attention to images and language. Be as concise as you can.


Fat wooden Buddha
pudgy arms reaching up for the sky
giddy with joy next to our small black and white t.v.
in the 1970s

We flicked paper triangles at you
aiming just above your round, bald head
and between your stubby arms
you looked like you'd say, "Touchdown!"

We wrapped you in dish towels
and rocked you to sleep in the rocking chair
night-night, touchdown Buddha
sleep tight, touchdown Buddha

We rubbed your bare belly and made ludicrous wishes
a million dollars
to be invisible
to have all the candy bars in the world!

We'd sneak you into Nativity scenes
where you towered like an absurd Godzilla
we'd knock down Joseph and the wise men while Mary screamed

We stuck a Cheerio in your grin and hid behind the couch
stifling giggles and spurts of urine, anticipating Dad's reaction
(we had to help him notice)
we hoped he wouldn't be mad
but he grinned and picked the cereal out of your mouth

Over the years, through rough-housing and temper-flares
you endured numerous gouges and bore many scars
you lost both your hands but still shine with inexplicable joy
exclaiming to the world, "Touchdown!"


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