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My mother would be a turtle and my dad would be a walrus.
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Makes me laugh, lots of cash.
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I wouldn't say I dread it, but today I definitely have an earworm. It's that song, "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow," which for reasons unknown to me I have been singing for the last three days or so. I've been substituting the word "fellow" with the word "Snockers" which is a nickname for my cat. Earlier in the day while I was singing it, the boyfriend's dog started "Roo-rooing" in protest, but I kept on singing anyway, because my cat is a jolly good fellow you know, and I will not let the dog win.

A little bit ago, the boyfriend, who is currently sick, was mindlessly playing some computer nerd game he always plays and he softly started singing, for she's a jolly good fellow but all sick and stuffy-nosed sounding. It was funny because I've infected him not only with the cold I had last week, but also with an annoying an earworm. Ha ha.

She's a jolly good Snockers, which nobody can deny!


P.S. What makes this little writer's block thing even weirder is that I've been reading the memoir of a German woman today and periodically asking my of-German-descent boyfriend what certain German words mean. After he mocks me for not knowing what they mean, he tells me the answer. Then I punish him with another round of "She's a Jolly good Snockers" and I dare him to deny it.


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